Babies spend a whole lot of time in the stroller: at home, on a trip, in a park, in a yard, at a shop or when going for a visit... It is natural that the baby stroller is the first item children start observing and discovering eager to explore it further. It is like a big toy where babies make themselves at home! Mimi Style is the most colorful of our collections. Not only child will feel comfortable in the stroller, but you will also feel confident and in style. 

Check the colors:

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Internal cotton fabrics

The internal fabrics are made from cotton and provide pleasant sense of cosiness and naturalness for the interior of the baby stroller. The lower part of the cradle’s mattress is made from natural coconut fibre.

5 – point safety belts

The possible impact is distributed evenly in five directions and thus the load on the baby is reduced.

Ventilated cradle

The cradle’s bottom has special holes, through which the lower part of the cradle is ventilated. In such a way the fresh air may enter, the probability of sweat is reduced and the baby is able to breath fresher air.

Real Gel™ wheels

The tires are filled with special gel material that extends the usage period and does not cause additional worries about the wheels’ care.

Brakes One Click™

The brakes of single press ensure top safety and simple and fast usage of brakes.

Four shock-absorbers of chassis.

They ensure especially comfortable journeys by baby stroller Tutis. No long journeys in city or nature will seem too lengthy!

Convenience is the foundation of our Aero strollers.

The new tubeless wheel /REAL GEL system. We present a system of tubeless wheels filled with air and silicone.

Smooth running on a hard surface.

Maintenance-free, no pumping required.

High product comfort at the same price.

Dimensions of the stroller